Hector Meinhof is a Swedish author and musician. Meinhof is a classically trained percussionist, and studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Meinhof has worked with many orchestras and ensembles in Sweden and abroad. He was a member of the critically acclaimed percussion ensemble Kroumata, and now has a duo for scenic music called Hidden Mother for which he has composed several sound performances and rituals. Besides chamber music and symphonic music, Meinhof is hired for all kinds of musical projects, for example he made the percussion parts on the CD Closure by the post-industrial band IRM. Hector Meinhof is also a collector of antique photography, specialized in post-mortem, medical and religious themes.


Three Nails, Four Wounds is his first novel, and it is published by Infinity Land Press in London.


"Hector Meinhof has written a book that is both beautiful and cruel. His poetic prose and the doom-laden pictures from his extensive collection of vintage photographs have bled into one tortured, corporeal unity. This is the illustrated scripture for the new dark ages, it will be read and beheld again and again." - Martin Bladh 

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