It was as though the area had been struck by a peculiar curse.

Strange incidents kept occurring, acts of insanity, abuse of animals,

unexplained disappearances...

Hector Meinhof has written a book that is both beautiful and cruel. His poetic prose and the doom-laden pictures from his extensive collection of vintage photographs have bled into one tortured, corporeal unity. This is the illustrated scripture for the new dark ages, it will be read and beheld again and again.

- Martin Bladh  

Published by Infinity Land Press, London 2018.

Translated (from Swedish) by Marianne Griolet and John McMillan,

with an afterword by Martin Bladh.

Book design: Karolina Urbaniak.

So you medicated yourself back into your childhood room. A dark night coagulated itself around your body as memories of pointless incidents crept around inside your chest. For a long time, you stared at the graphite lines on the door-post: thin, horizontal lines that climbed higher and higher each year that went by, until your fall was sure to be lethal.

Just as winter’s lost toys are found anew in springtime, with their colours faded, the children returned from the realm of disease. They were naked and washed with sparrows held by the claws, flapping over their bodies. After that, the wings were torn off and the children

ran out in the crisp April rain.

Copyright © Hector Meinhof 2019. All Rights Reserved.